Diane Galen

Diane Galen

BA Hons. Music (1st Class)
Music Technology (Prizewinner)

University of Nottingham

Grade 8 Drum Performance (Distinction)
Grade 8 Guitar Performance (Distinction)
Grade 8 Music Theory (Merit)

RSL Rockschool

  Diane is a working musician from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Predominantly a drummer, she also performs as a singer, pianist, guitarist and bassist. In addition to a 1st Class Music degree with the Music Technology prize from the University of Nottingham, and a brief stint at BIMM London, she has studied with Virgil Donati (Allan Holdsworth) and Chad Wackerman (Holdsworth, Frank Zappa), as well as attending over a dozen clinics including Steve Vai, Gavin Harrison (King Crimson, Porcupine Tree), Matt Garstka (Animals as Leaders), Matt Halpern and Nolly Getgood (Periphery), and Todd Sucherman.

  Diane has been teaching for over 10 years. On top of local in-person students, she teaches students remotely in North and South America, and across Europe. Her students cover all age groups, professions and skill levels, but each student carries a great understanding of not just their instrument, but the physiological and psychological processes involved in developing their craft, so that every student is confidently able to create and execute their own plan to build their pathway into professional musicianship.

  After years composing and producing in bands, as well as launching several successful solo projects, Diane also began scoring for film and video games. Her music has been described as intelligent, amorphous, and uncanny, and will soon be featured in the debut title from Inspiratio Studio.

  When not rehearsing with bands, writing, composing or recording, Diane is reliably honing her craft on a drum practice pad for an LTCL Drum Performance qualification, and considering a Music Masters Qualification – but at time of writing, she always has time for one more project. If you′re interested in taking your music to the next level, head to the Contact page and start the journey today!

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