Daniel Egan

Diane Galen

BA Hons. Music - (1st Class).
Music Technology - (Prizewinner).

University of Nottingham

Grade 8 Drum Performance - (Distinction).
Grade 8 Guitar Performance - (Pending).
Grade 8 Music Theory - (Pending).

RSL Rockschool

I got into music at 14: after 6 failed years of piano lessons as a child, a friend asked, "did you consider playing guitar instead?" and the rest is history! I since discovered that drums are my instrument of choice, but I ended up a jack-of-all-trades on the way, recording, producing, and releasing various solo projects, bands, film and video game soundtracks, and even more weirdness across all genres - and eventually, rediscovering my love for piano!

After studying drum performance for a year at BIMM London, I moved to Nottingham to study musicology more generally, scoring a 1st class degree with my dissertation on sound design in multiplayer FPS games, as well the Music Technology prize for my studio recording ambition. At the same time, I began taking on more project work, playing over 60 concerts for 20 different bands and other musical projects, as well as teaching nearly 50 private students.

As a graduate, I'm teaching even more, and working on even more projects! I'm currently mulling over a Music Masters qualification in the next few years to go alongside the drum LTCL performance certificate I'm working on! I'm working constantly on one thing or another ‒ though I've always got time and energy for one more student, one more album, or one more musical thing - send me a message on my Contact page and I'll fit you into my schedule!

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