Whenever I'm hired for a new project, I transcribe every note by ear, from start to finish. This gives me a handy chart to follow for every track - but by the time I'm finished, I've already memorised the material! With hundreds of pages of practice, I'm confidently able to create clear and accurate sheet music for both distribution and personal use. I typically charge £10/minute of music, but this price may vary depending on instrumentation, source material, and, if necessary, quick turnarounds.

Click on the example images for the full PDF document. More examples coming as the site is updated!


Opeth - Harlequin Forest

Opeth typically write long, complicated progressive metal tracks, but with a strange touch of medieval minstrel music. There are lots of horrible, syncopated grooves in this drum transcription, including an unbelievably cool breakdown ending. This was made on short notice for a performance, so some fine details are missing, but everything is in place, for an accurate reproduction of the full 10 minute track!

Opeth YouTube

Royal Blood - Out of the Black

I had mistakenly thought Royal Blood were a pop band from hearing about them in passing, but was instantly captivated by the weird intro rhythm here. The rest of the track isn't too crazy, but catching all the nuances for accuracy is tricky! The video is weird as hell, too.

Royal Blood Youtube

Moses - Leave Leave Leave

This is an example of a rock band sheet, featuring lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. The structure changes quickly, and there are several intricate drum fills and lead guitar lines, which lead up to a frenetic guitar solo, on top of multiple vocal melody lines at once.

Moses Youtube
Moses Facebook Page

Haydn Sinfonia 55

This classical example features a full orchestra of brass, wind and string instruments, including transposing instruments. I am able to arrange full scores, as well as instrument-specific scores with easy readability in mind. In addition to this, I am also able to re-arrange for different sets - for example, arranging band themes for orchestra, or creating piano reductions of larger orchestral works.

Piano reduction example

Gojira - The Art of Dying

This is a drum sheet for an incredibly intense, constantly eclectic modern metal track. The section from the beginning to 2:15 is intensely polyrhythmic and very difficult to keep up with! This is an example of more difficult music I am able to transcribe.