The Precious Droplets

From the Kahkolukia EP. An orchestral track with a Prince of Persia feel, built around a Mahavishnu Orchestra type rhythm in 13/4. It sounds crazy at first, but once you have the count memorised, it's not too hard to groove to!

#00_31_a 09-01-76

Some weird noise music that was prepared in response to a National Geographic video of reacting metals. The original music was very upbeat, but it felt a little cooler - and a little stranger - like this.

Silent Hill 2: Angela in the Apartments Rescored

Akira Yamaoka's score for the Silent Hill series is unbeatable, but the bittersweet score in this scene undermined the gravity of the situation - and so here is a more subtle, moody rescore.

Diane is available for composition commissions for for films, games, and any other media. The soundcloud playlist is a selection of works recorded by myself in the last few years, in several different styles, including piano music, ambient, world, rock, and soundtrack for both films and video games.

Price per commission typically depends on the length and scope of a project. For further information, please send a message via the Contact page.